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About Us

About Us and Who We Are

Based in Los Angeles, California – VIC operates in a social selling model, building a community that empowers women and mothers to provide for their loved ones as they chase their dreams, connect with others, and have fun!

Founder Story

VIC Beauty, named after her youngest daughter Victoria and founded in 2021 by Jessica Le.

Originally from Vietnam, Jessica came to America and fell in love with the pursuit of happiness and the American Dream. Raised in an affluent family, educated with a medical background, she learned the power of personal discipline, the value of clearly defined protocols, and the joy of helping others.

With a passion for beauty and an entrepreneurial spirit, she became a business owner, then pioneered a flourishing franchise operation with several hundred stores across the nation and acquired four patents for her novel cosmetic inventions. Jessica has always been a natural visionary with high expectations and a strong sense of generosity, doing good, and lifting others. Jessica has learned through her many years in the beauty industry what women most care about. Her goal is to make luxury beauty products — crafted with the highest standards of innovation and formulation — accessible to all.

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Is to completely redefine the beauty and personal care industry by offering the best products possible without the inflated retail prices.

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Is to enrich, empower, and elevate others through a rewarding opportunity, supportive culture, and generous compensation plan.

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list of icons for quality affordability and made in the USA

“in the golden rule”

“in the relentless pursuit of excellence”

“in leveraging systems through technology to create disruptive innovation”

“luxury products should be affordable & accessible to everyone”

“the entrepreneurial spirit & helping others to achieve their dreams”

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